Hilary Samson-Barry delivering a leadership style workshop

What kind of leader are you?

Leadership style is about who you are. The most effective leaders know themselves and their organisation well, and develop a style that fits them and also enables and enthuses those around them.

But at whatever level you’re working, it’s hard to find a safe space to think about who you are, what your organisation really stands for, and how you might develop your leadership style. How do your values link with your experiences and your aspirations – and with the values and priorities of your organisation? The complex and contradictory pressures that press down on all leaders constantly divert attention away from such basic questions.


Koru Leadership cares about both style and substance.

Hilary Samson-Barry, Director of Koru Leadership, supports organisations, groups and individuals in finding and making a good match between what they can offer and needs in the turbulent world around them.