Koru Leadership – shared thinking and commitment for organisations

‘Strategy’ makes the heart sink?...

Why do organisations’ strategies so often remain just flat words and diagrams on paper? Indeed, why does the very word ‘strategy’ make so many hearts sink? 


Most people recognise that the answer lies in a series of disconnects – between, for example, aspiration and reality, headquarters and front line, thinking and feeling. Too often the assumptions of people leading the thinking and those leading the implementation do not match. The result is that much attention is paid to process and plans but not enough to identifying the real-life outcomes that really matter, that will move things on. 


Where there is no clear storyline that excites, engages and challenges stakeholders, there is no real energy and no motivation to change. The consequences are often only too clear: too many people see themselves as doing an undoable job, with unrealistic expectations of them and impossible workloads, working for contradictory taskmasters, within difficult systems.

The critical question remains: what processes can be helpful in aligning the understanding and objectives of key stakeholders? 

...but shared thinking and commitment lead to a different future 

Koru Leadership works with organisations to develop their capacity for strategic thinking and learning – a process that involves both formulating and implementing change. To move from policy to implemented strategy requires: 

  • shared thinking 

  • shared commitment 

  • shared actions. 

The processes and frameworks that prove so successful in Koru’s work with individuals and groups also have an important role to play in the context of the organisation. Participants comment in particular that through working with Hilary they find themselves noticeably better able to: 

  • think for themselves and with others 

  • think more systematically 

  • approach and manage transitions 

  • take practical steps towards building trust.