Acting with Intent

Our intent was clear - to get to the top of Ben Nevis and then back down again. We had some boundary conditions too - to do it in one day, look out for each other on the mountain, and to be still able to walk when we got back to the bottom. What an experience it was! 3,344feet up, 33,000 steps (according to the Fitbit), 7.75 hours on the mountain, wind chill factor temperature -9° at the top, snow on the ground at the summit and thick cloud from half way up with very little visibility.

Hilary and Des Barry at the summit

For a lot of the climb and descent the only thing to be thinking about was that step, and then the next one ... what a gift for being present to the unfolding of reality.

At the top we heard and got a glimpse of the rare snow bunting bird. The little plants that clung to the rocks by our path were like diamonds in the barren land.

So how does this fit with my purpose? Well, to be present to the unfolding of reality, to love and be in relationship with others and the universe (accepting them just as they are) and to commit to the course (accepting that we cannot control totally the outcome).

I am so pleased that we set ourselves the challenge.

What might be on your path?

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