The track led upwards ... and outwards ...

In my last blog I finished by asking "What might be on your path?". Given my blog silence for the last few months I would like to share a glimpse of some of what has been unfolding on my path over that time.

After scaling Ben Nevis I have engaged with higher peaks in the Peruvian Andes. The Lares trail goes up to 4,800m (16,000ft). It was truly awe inspiring, challenging, life affirming and transformative. It all made Ben Nevis seem tame!

I spent a month in Peru and South America. Being present to the extra-ordinary experiences that every day brought was so intense and almost overwhelming at times.

In all the amazing things we did and saw, the abiding feelings in my heart are the people that we met, the experiences we shared with them and the great privilege of bing able to share our time and skills with others, even in the smallest of ways. For me this included looking after a flock of sheep and hand threshing barley with a long stick. In the photo here is our Inka Warrior guide and a 4 year old girl we met on the the Lares trail - she is holding on tight to the crayons and paper that we have just given her.

All in all - the sense of being part of something greater than my small, separate sense of self.

How we are in relationship with others is how we are in the world. Every interaction that we have is building our legacy. So take your steps with intentionality and love.

Love Hilary

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