I would have no hesitation in recommending Hilary to others. My enhanced comfort and performance in my role has persuaded our CCG to continue funding Hilary as my coach.

RW, NHS Clinical Commissioning Group Director

Hilary is extremely focused and deeply present in her work. She has learned to balance deep caring for her clients with a resolve to keep them responsible for their progress, not taking it upon herself, while remaining committed to them. Hilary also brings significant leadership experience to the conversations she engages in and a sensitivity to the process that I believe is only possible with years “in grade” oneself.

There is no one I’ve worked with in training and supervising hundreds of coaches and consultants that I think brings more to this role than Hilary. Both in terms of personal experience, self-awareness and professionalism all around. She will connect with the leaders she works with, and they will benefit from the connection.

Dr Joseph Riggio, ‎Professional Training & Coaching Consultant and Supervisor; Designer and Architect of the MythoSelf Process for Life and Leadership Transformation


I found the sessions that I had with Koru extremely useful in developing my professional and personal outlook, and enabling me to better position myself in the work that I do. The time spent with Hilary has given me space to examine my sense of self in a safe environment, and has also challenged me to look at my approach so that I can ensure I am a leader in my field.

JD, Company Director


My experience of working with Koru has had an incredibly positive and visible impact on both my professional and personal life. Koru enabled me to cherish my own individuality and harness my strengths and passions. The approach has felt gentle, non-judgemental, genuine, encouraging and just really human. Hilary has helped me to access courage and confidence in order to step into opportunities in my life that continue to amaze me.

EW, Charity Director


I was amazed that after four sessions you could point to character traits that have stopped me from engaging with people.

RA, Director, Management Consultant